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    November 06, 2007



    I sat back and turned up the speakers and for a few moments I was perched at a stool in an outdoor beach side bar with dry leaf thatch roofs and drinks you thought they stopped serving in the 70's. I have a faded open Hawaiian shirt on but somehow it looks cool. My belly is also somehow absent. I order a martini and they serve it in those short stout square glasses with a plastic stirrer and monogrammed napkin. "The Sand Bar". Not that original. Probably a thousand Sand Bar's from here to California. Then I spot her walking across the bar toward the pool. She is in a bikini but has all those girlie accessories to make it look like she is ready to go out on the town. A thin black fabric she draped across herself. It flowed like a super heroes cape from her long stride which was accented by her cork high heel sandals. She eyes me, twice. Must be the shirt. Oh, crap the song is over, back to work, well thanks for the daydream!

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