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    October 26, 2007



    For someone who comments on hatred so much during his film, it sure is full of a lot of..... hate.

    I have a question.... how did a new media person ever harm him? Seriously, wicked sarcasm is usually spurred on by some sort of personal attack. Thats why so many of us love to hear people make fun of airlines, or phone companies because their customer service (or service in general) is so pathetic that it effects you personally. What the hell happened to this guy? Some new media person come over to his house and crap in his coffee or something? Is he really that upset that some geek wont call him back? I don't know, maybe because some of my friends are new media peeps, or maybe because there was way less haha then hate, I say b-o-o. h-o-o to this guy and this vid. Don't hate the player, hate the game.


    I hate that guy.

    I hate this blog.

    I hate you, reader.

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